Generally speaking, a role model and their mentee will establish the boundaries of their mentoring relationship early on. There are however a few basic limitations that you should know upfront:

  • StartOut role models are not crisis counsellors, psychologist, social workers or psychiatrists.  They can not provide you with clinical advice.
  • StartOut role models can not discuss issues of a direct sexual nature with you.  They can talk to you about sexuality, sexual health and a range of related topics and will let you know if your question is outside what they can talk to you about.  We will have a range of resources that we can refer you to where a role model isn’t able to help.
  • StartOut role models are not able to meet with you face to face.  Our program is 100% to protect you and our role models.
  • StartOut role models are absolutely awesome but they’re not experts in everything.  They will help you to find answers, have access to a range of resources and are keen to learn with you.

You will also agree when you can be available to each other.  Your StartOut role model is not on call 24/7 and may have commitments that make them difficult to contact at random times.  You should talk about this up front.