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I'm Mark, a Kiwi living in Sydney for the past 8 years. During the weekdays I head up Product & Marketing for a mobile banking technology startup I co-founded. I'm also an avid snowboarder and love to travel, coffee drinker, gym going, foodie, and overall a regular guy who loves hanging with friends and getting out and about.

I grew up in a small beach town north of Auckland, New Zealand. A predominantly tradie, hyper-mascline small town vibe - where the main goal is to get married, buy a house and have a family. After doing a few seasons in Canada and traveling the world, I realised I needed to explore myself (and my sexuality) and get out of Auckland, leading me to Sydney! I battled with my sexuality for years, suppressing it, living with the shame, trying to live a ‘normal’ life in a straight world - so I can totally relate to the turbulence and difficulties in navigating this part of your life. After many years of confusion and fear, I came out to my friends and family at 28.

Things will get better! Your sexuality doesn’t define you and you can achieve your dreams whether through work or in life, and often what goes on in your head is bigger and worse than reality, so having someone you can talk to (which I wish I did years earlier) is amazing and I encourage it.

"Life's way too serious, to be taken seriously" - my old supervisor
Scar Tissue - Anthony Kiedis
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