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Hi! I'm Samantha! I'm super into cooking, travelling, hiking and watching movies. I'm an Aquarius and I'm also currently studying public health at uni.

I was a military brat growing up so I've lived in Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Darwin, so I'm used to moving around and always being the new kid at school. Very happy to be feeling settled in Sydney now!

I never had the language to label my sexuality because I didn't know anyone who was bisexual. So I didn't come out until my second year of uni. I always had crushes on guys but there were also girls throughout life that I felt very close to, more so than my other female friends. It took me a while to come out because I thought I needed to be dating a girl to 'prove' it wasn't a phase. I also had a few very religious friends I thought would reject me. Fortunately I have only had positive experiences and everyone I've come out to has been really accepting.

Nineteen Eighty-Four
Children of Men
IT Crowd