In October this year StartOut collaborated with the Central West Rainbow Alliance to support the Drag Bingo – Nic Steepe from CWRA, and one of the lovely hosts on the night tells us all about it below.


The night was so successful! There were about 120 people there, and we put the StartOut postcards/info sheets on the tables, as well as spoke about StartOut throughout the night.
We also used shared StartOut at the Black Divas Screening and Q&A on Thursday night, as well as at the Central West Pride March on the Saturday!

We did not realise that the local Business awards were on, as well as the Drive In Cinema, so these numbers are incredible considering what we were competing with.

People responded really well to StartOut, and their commitment to regional and rural inclusion and reach. They actually had never heard of the program, and they think it is great that such an initiative exists! We will continue to ensure we promote StartOut on our social media, to get the message out to the young people in the Central West. With the concerning statistics of mental health issues and isolation for those in regional and rural Australia, StartOut will play such an important role in changing and improving lives, and considering the positive response from those that attended the Drag Bingo, we know your service will be very well received.

Betty Botox, (blue wig) was one of the hosts, said on the night that they wished that a program existed when they were coming out, because it was a horrible experience for them and would have really benefited from it.

I was blown away when I heard about StartOut back in January and what you are doing, and I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your sponsorship and support of the Central West Pride March. Even more than that, for what you are doing in this space; the work is much needed and it is through the selfless commitment of yourself and all the volunteers at StartOut.