Today is International Lesbian Day!   October 8 is a day marked for lesbians and allies of lesbian rights around the world to come together and celebrate lesbian visibility, representation, diversity and history!  Whether you’re out […]

September 23rd is Celebrating Bisexuality Day and the final day of Bisexual Awareness Week!  Bisexuality refers to people who are romantically and sexually attracted to people who are not exclusively one gender. Bisexual people make […]

Mentor Training Goes Virtual    StartOut prides itself on our mentor training, which is a deep dive for our new role models into how to be a good mentor. This includes the principles, boundaries, and benefits of […]

Non-binary is an umbrella term for the spectrum of gender identity that is not comfortable within the binary of ‘male’ or ‘female’. These identities and experiences are varied. This means that non binary people may identify as having two or more […]

Pride has a special and individual meaning to each member of the DSG community, we hold Pride within ourselves and it grows to become part of the person we were […]

One of the amazing things about the DSG community is that everyone has a voice. Listening to each other’s stories helps us build knowledge and teaches us empathy, making our lives much richer and fuller with meaning.   Today we are listening to Zoe who identifies […]

It’s national volunteer week, StartOut is entirely volunteer ran and we love the work our amazing volunteers do. StartOut provides role models and mentoring to people who identify as diverse […]