Today is International Lesbian Day!  

October 8 is a day marked for lesbians and allies of lesbian rights around the world to come together and celebrate lesbian visibility, representation, diversity and history! 

Whether you’re out about your sexuality or still figuring things out, this is a day for you. 

To celebrate this special day – we asked some friends what their favourite lesbian-themed film, shows or who their lesbian role models were! 



“Really for me, I was a late bloomer in regards to watching queer films – but the one that really struck me was in high school – Pretty Little Liars. Having some representation in a very female dominated environment really allowed me to just express myself more. 

For youtubers – I was obsessed with couples! The ones that I first ever came across was Lucy and Kaelyn (sad their not together anymore) but I felt very connected to them as they had been through similar struggles.  

The other youtubers, were Rose and Rosie. For me these were people who just got back up when they were down. They didn’t let anything bother them, they were just super fun bubbly people. Very enjoyable to watch and just spoke about every day life! 

For me, I loved the films Imagine me and you, lost and delirious. Can’t forget (the original) L word TV show!”  



“Personally I didn’t really have any youtubers or people that I looked up to but I do have a lot of gay female cartoon characters that I really love. 

I love princess bubblegum and and marceline from adventure time, for sure!  

This might sound silly but I really hate when Hollywood has a token gay character where their whole personality is surrounding their sexuality. It’s also just nice to see lgbtq representation in a kids cartoon. These two were just so badass in the show, fighting off the bad guys together. It was really wholesome to see their character development and see them grow closer throughout the series, too.  

I also like Korra and asami from the legend of Korra! Same gist, they are both powerful badassess. I also love sailor neptune and sailor uranus. As a kid, it was really rare to see lesbian relationships and no one really talked about it.  I thought it was so cool to see a same sex couple in a show where they aren’t playing the damsel in distress role.” 



I think my favourite lesbian models would be Ruby Rose and Hayley Kiyoko because they would show who they really our about caring what other people may think and love who they want to love 



When I was younger and was like tryna figure sh*t out was I guess it was Dodie Clarke and her song “she” as cliché as that sounds and also this one chick, I think Mary Lambert who sung she keeps me warm. I think those artists really helped me during that time! 



My favorite queer film at the moment is The Half of It on Netflix.  

As a queer girl with an Asian backgroundloved seeing the representation that was shown within the film and loved the way they depicted a queer second-generation teen. As someone who had come from a conservative Asian background, no one in my family really talked about lesbian women or two girls in a relationship, and if they did, it was something taboo or something icky. 

Growing up, I didn’t see a lot of diverse lesbian representation in mainstream media (if so, it was hypersexualized or were two white womenand I felt like I had a hard time accepting myself despite being in a group of queer girls in high school 

Anyways, I felt that I could relate a lot to the main character a lot  I too felt a little invisible in high school, lowkey, kept to myself with just a few friends – even the part about being a band member and all – I didn’t fit into a stereotype at all.  

I could relate to her feeling at odds with her sexuality and being confused but eventually coming to terms with the feelings she had for this particular girl.  

I felt like this story was really wholesome and it simply showed a friendship blossoming into something more with a deeper connectionI think this film did a great job at showing how being attracted to woman as a woman is natural and can be a beautiful thing. 

I’m really glad that there is better representation of Lesbian women nowadays. 

Other than that, I really loved the show Glee (love Santana and Brittney) as well as some Youtubers such as Kate flowers and Dodie Clarke!”



When I was younger, I really enjoyed watching Hannah Hart’s channel.   

(I liked the cooking aspect the most hahaI liked her positive personality and I thought that her being with her girlfriend (now fiance) was cute. 

I like that her whole thing isn’t being gay. She makes it seem more normal because it isn’t her whole identity 

Also, she was raised a Jehovah’s witness – her dad is still one or I shouldn’t say raised. Her parent’s split so it was only when she was with her dad. 

Anyways, I found myself relating to her as I used to be a Jehovah’s Witness and I left my family when I came out, myself. I understood the pain she felt by disappointing her dad and him not coming to her wedding – yet I liked that she wasn’t too sad about it and was resilient about it. It helped me to be more resilient about being with my then gf despite the situation with my family. 



“My favourite lesbian themed shows are probably The L word, the fosters, the 100! 

Also Sarah Paulson I would die for her!”