September 23rd is Celebrating Bisexuality Day and the final day of Bisexual Awareness Week! 

Bisexuality refers to people who are romantically and sexually attracted to people who are not exclusively one genderBisexual people make up a big part of the DSG Community and here at StartOut we’re loving this day to celebrate them. 

To help celebrate, we asked some of our friends what they love most about being bi; 

“We have no limits on who we can love, we’re people who get to fall in love based solely on who someone is on the inside. It’s love life full of limitless possibilities.” – Inez 

“It’s like having every flavour of ice cream. And you’re not lactose intolerant or anything.” – Tania 

“There are no limitations of gender in how I date, which celebrities I love, who I have a crush on. Someone’s gender is almost irrelevant, and that, in itself is revolutionary.” – Georgia 

“The best thing about being bi, is the community of people I’ve been able to meet, share in love, selfexpression and joy with. My understanding and love have deepened for those around me, and in turn myself.” – Alex 

“Being Bi is the ‘just kidding haha… unless?’ meme with literally everyone I meet and I love it.” – Eleni 

“The best thing about being bi, is being a part of an incredible and inspiring pink, purple & blue community!” – Isabella 

“Being bi is cool because it really makes you question the lack of gender in somethings and makes you view people more as individuals.” – Lachlan 

“Walking down the street and being attracted to both partners in a couple. Then questioning if you like one gender more but then remembering it’s okay to like both and it’s completely valid.” – Alya 

“I like having the trump card to get out of something I don’t want to organise. ‘You want me to pick ______? I can’t even pick a gender!’” – Hannah 

“The ability to connect with anyone REGARDLESS of their gender. It feels like a super power sometimes and allows me to open myself up to people and opportunities that lil’ closeted me would never have imagined.” – Daya 

“Worrying less about societal/gender norms and just finding really cool people that you vibe with, whether they be friends or something more.” – Mia 

“Not having to make a choice. I’m very indecisive.” – Jack