StartOut will be proudly celebrating Wear It Purple day this year for their theme WE ARE THE CHANGE. Wear it Purple is an initiative that was founded in 2010 in response to the high suicide rates in DSG youthIn the face of homophobic and transphobic bullying and harassment, Wear it Purple promotes acceptance and awareness. Its core message is that everyone deserves the right to be proud of who they are. People are encouraged to wear purple to show their support of the DSG community.  

As an organisation, it focuses on four things: 

1) Awareness – They provide support and resources to schools, organisations and workplaces that help to ensure those spaces are as inclusive of the DSG community as they should be. 

2) Opportunity – They uplift DSG youth, by trying to provide them with skills, networks and communities. 

3) Environment – They provide safe spaces for DSG youth to be who they are, online and physically. 

4) Collaboration – They collaborate with schools and organisations to further their work on inclusivity.  

The theme for Wear it Purple day 2020 is WE ARE THE CHANGE. This theme envisions the importance of encouragement, empowerment and emphasis on making effective change for LGBTQ+ folks and all minority groups. Wear It Purple acknowledge that DSG people exist in all diverse communities, ethnic backgrounds, religions, socio-economic status, genders, neuro-diversity groups. WE ARE THE CHANGE represents DSG Youth as a generation, where we fight for safety and inclusivity for all members of society, regardless of minority.  

You can catch StartOut this year participating in various virtual events this year including presentations and panels for employees at Australian Unity, staff and students at UTS and University of Notre Dame alongside Headspace, and staff at Viva Energy.