One of the amazing things about the DSG community is that everyone has a voice. Listening to each other’s stories helps us build knowledge and teaches us empathymaking our lives much richer and fuller with meaning 

Today we are listening to Zoe who identifies as non-binary and is an actor and activist from Sydney, NSW. This is a little bit about Zoe’s journey with Pride.  

What does pride mean to you as someone who is non-binary? 

To me, Pride is a celebration, but I think it is also an acknowledgement of where we have come from. The first pride was a riot. The first pride was led by transgender women of colour. And everything we have now, we owe to them. So, to me, pride is a space where celebration and remembrance can exist together. We have so much to proud of, and we have so many people to thank for the pride we get to have now. 

How do you celebrate pride?  

Oh, everyday! Every day I try and find a way to be proud. Whether that’s listening to my favourite queer artist, holding my partner’s hand in public, watching some cute gay movie, whatever. There is always space in your day to be proud.   

Who are your DSG role models?  

Oh there are so many. Jill Soloway; an incredible nonbinary director and writer. Alok Vaid-Menon; a gloriously queer and nonbinary designer/activist. They make me feel very seen and heard and valid. Chella Man; an amazing genderqueer and deaf artist. He is so beautiful and affirming. King princess, Kate Box, Indya Moore, Jada Alberts, Billy Porter, Eileen Myles, Cloudy Rhodes, the list goes on. 

If you could say anything to your younger self – what would it be?  

You will find the clothes and hair and people and energy that makes you feel comfortable and makes you feel more yourself than ever. All of that is waiting for you. There is a big beautiful place in the rainbow world that is waiting just for you. And there are so many people who will hold you and teach you and learn from you. Being queer is the greatest gift. I wouldn’t change it for anything.