It’s national volunteer week, StartOut is entirely volunteer ran and we love the work our amazing volunteers do. StartOut provides role models and mentoring to people who identify as diverse sex, sexuality and gender (DSG). The face of StartOut’s offering is our amazing team of role model volunteers.

Role models are trained volunteers who help to support people to come to StartOut for someone to talk to. Role models come from all different backgrounds, although many of our role models are from within the LGBT community we also have a number of allies who volunteer their time to do their bit to support young people of today.

Beyond diverse sexes, sexualities and genders, StartOut role models come from different cultural backgrounds, different geographical backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds. Our volunteers create a diverse group of people with one mission; to be the person you wish you had growing up.

But, what does it take to be a StartOut role model?

It all begins with submitting your application. Answer some questions about yourself and start your StartOut journey!

Quickly following your application, we want to get to know you. So, our role model wrangler will give you a call to have a quick chat and to let you know about the rest of the process. You can also come meet some of StartOut’s leadship team at an online or in-person StartOut information session.

Next up, let’s keep everyone safe and happy with some background checks. First, StartOut role models need to apply for a national criminal history check through StartOut’s offical partner. And, they need to hold a current volunteer working with children check (WWCC) for their state or territory. Fun fact, WWCCs processes can vary from state to state, but don’t fret, we can walk you through the process.

Now, what makes a trained role model trained? Training! StartOut role models go through a program specifically designed for our role models. You’ll learn about the challenges facing people of a DSG background as well as how to best be a role model and mentor to them.

Once you’re all trained the last step is references. Back at the beginning you would have provided us with some people to contact so we can 100% confirm you’re right for the gig.

After your reference’s glowing reviews, you will be approved. Congratulations! You’re a StartOut role model. Our wranglers will work with you to get your profile up on the website and you account logins will be created.

Now the hard part, wait to be matched. Good luck, you’ll be great, we know it!