So my experience is pretty underwhelming, so don’t be too disappointed.

Since early high school, I was pretty open to friends about my state. I quite straightforwardly called myself bi-curious, because at that age I didn’t know. And I was honest about it.
I didn’t know if I liked boys or girls or both. Being around 12 or 13, I hadn’t experimented or done anything with anyone to start to narrow that down.
I also didn’t care about people at school knowing, bullies weren’t a concern, (mostly cause they were really lame and didn’t know how to bully, saying “gay” doesn’t carry much weight). Because I knew that it doesn’t matter what other people think, it just matters what you think.

Home was slightly different, my stepfather at the time, was a homophobe and my mum didn’t get the bi thing. But I still never denied it. I just never confirmed anything. Even once when my mum asked, I just dodged the question.

I also never liked the idea of coming out, I don’t think it’s something that needs to be done. We only have to do it because of preconceived notions that people have.

So by the end of high school, I was pretty comfortable saying I was bi at that point. Still a bit unsure/curious, but mostly certain. But still was unknown to my family.

Go forward a couple of years, I’ve left my hometown. With all new friends, I found starting over in relation to sexuality a bit odd at first, cause no one knew me from previously but more importantly I realized, no one cares. I didn’t have to go out of my way to tell anyone, when it naturally came up, I just handled it normally.

But my family still didn’t know (by then the homophobe was gone and my mum understood bi). Mostly because I still didn’t like the practice of coming out. So my plan was to just introduce my boyfriend at the time to my family, But for reasons, the timing didn’t work out. So my plan was bust. Then I was forever single, which ended up kind of making it worse for me, in that I had left it undisclosed for so many years.

So I thought to myself, well ok, now I’ve gotta do the coming out thing. I’d tried to avoid it for years, to do it in a more natural/normal/casual way but that proved unsuccessful. So I had to end up doing it like everyone else, much to my dismay.

In the end, one night that the family was together, everyone was going to bed, I told my mum, “I like guys”, “that’s ok.”