People of diverse sexualities and genders (DSG) are over represented when it comes to mental health issues like depression and anxiety.  We want to change this.

Growing up DSG isn’t easy and while there is a lot of support around depression and anxiety in our
community, much of it comes too late.   StartOut Australia will focus on early interventions that build the confidence and resilience of DSG people with the aim of reducing the entirely preventable burden of poor mental health.

StartOut Australia exists to:

  • Eradicate discrimination of young DSG people.
  • Improve social inclusion and economic participation of young DSG people.
  • Educate the wider community on the effects that discrimination and exclusion can have on the mental health of young DSG people.

We’re building programs that focus on three key determinants for positive mental health: social inclusionfreedom from discrimination and economic participation.

We’ll be creating an online community for young DSG people to develop a sense of social inclusion.  Our online community will provide access to stories promoting positive mental health strategies for young DSG people.

We’ll work with employers, schools and universities to promote and advise on steps that can be taken to eradicate discrimination and to improve social inclusion and economic participation of young DSG people.

At the core of our work will be the creation of opportunities for young DSG people to be mentored by community and business leaders.  We’re going to build a technology platform that will make this accessible no matter where people are in Australia.

We’ll also develop, deliver and promote educational programs, resources and services that improve
leadership skills, self-confidence and resilience in young DSG people.